Give Your Puppy the Foundation they Need to Thrive

At the crucial age of 8 weeks- 6 months, puppies need to do most of their key learning, socialization, and experiential development. If a few key behaviors and experiences are solidified by certain milestones, the rest of your life with your dog will be much easier and happier. 

Breeders rarely if ever keep logs of socialization, correct handling or potty training, and our wonderful shelter pups often come with some level of early neglect or have been "trained" (everything we do around our dogs is training whether we intend it or not!) in an unwanted fashion already. So this is the crucial time to get those pups out there and preparing to be great partners for you for the rest of their lives!

The great thing about puppies is we can work on all these skills together and introduce your puppy to all sorts of sights, smells and sounds in a fun, vibrant and extremely beneficial group puppy party!! I mean...class. Learning with your pup can and will be FUN! 


Certain milestones we will achieve include: Human and dog socialization, exposure to "weird stuff" and distractions, basic good citizen commands (sit-stays, down-stays, quiet, up/down, drop it, leave it/take it, wait-ok go, COME, focus), bite inhibition, place, 'touch', walking calmly on leash, off-leash recall and much more.

I have developed this class after many years of interaction with puppies to adult dogs in the scope of everything from total spoiled chaos running their human's every move to dedicated workaholic SAR and service dogs; shelter dogs; and dog-parents who wish they knew this all earlier. Curriculum developed with input from my superb positive reinforcement dog-training role model, Dr. Ian Dunbar. Your pup will earn their AKC S.T.A.R. puppy title and medal after completing the test on the final day of class.


These classes are for Telluride locals who want to invest in their lifetime of enjoyment with their dogs by giving their puppies what they need to succeed. Take them along on all your adventures and feel confident either bringing them along or leaving them at home, knowing that whatever your lifestyle entails, your dog will be a willing, friendly and happy member of your family and community. 

Have an indoor space you'd like to host a puppy class in? Shoot me a message!


Class will meet weekly and run for 6 weeks. Class series is capped at 8 canine/human pairs of participants.

Happy FIRST birthday to this hunk o love
Penny, 4 mo old chocolate lab, is my new
The snowman seems impressed with Pickle'
I take my dogs in training into stores l

My Additional certifications/qualifications:

-Advanced Canine CPR & 1st Aid [K9 Medic]

-Certified to instruct courses in: Equine Emergency Aid, Pet First Aid & CPR, Canine Wilderness First Aid

[Pet Emergency Education]

-FEMA Equine & Pet responder

-Wilderness First Responder [NOLS] 

-Human AED/BLS, CPR for Providers [American Red Cross]

-American Kennel Club Evaluator for S.T.A.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Advanced CGC, Trick Dog- all levels [AKC]

-Member of Wilderness Medical Society; FAWM candidate 

-5 years of part-time equine veterinary technician experience in WA & OR states

-11 years in 4-H leadership, competing in equine husbandry, behavior, horsemanship, veterinary sciences, and more

-American Herbalist Guild member

-Graduate of Rosemary Gladstar's Herbalism course 

-Volunteer experience walking and socializing dogs and working with "Red Line" dogs (last chance, aggressive dogs) at Southwest WA Humane Society, Oregon Humane Society, and Larimer Humane Society. 

-15 years of paid, professional horse training work

-8 years of professional dog training work

-Graduate of Dr. Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS® 4 day Dog Trainer Academy

-2 year internship with Mary Ann Simonds in Wild Horse Behavioral Ecology