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9 dogs of various breeds balancing on log with female dog trainer

Your Dog Deserves The Best Education & Health


My passion for seeing animals thrive and live their best adventure lives shines in all that I do. As a canine behavioralist and fitness coach, I work with your dog's true nature and help them develop their best personality traits while training for the skills that allow them to live safely and freely in our human world. Bonus- you will love to come home to a tired, happy and well-behaved dog! I've found that dogs learn best when they are exercising and have a balance of "calm brain-state" and "excited brain-state."

K9 Adventure School Structure

I am grateful beyond measure that our weekly recurring day training school is currently running on a waitlist. For drop-in day and overnight boarding inquiries, spots will be filled first by current pack members, and then the waitlist. One week in advance, any available day spots on my calendar will open to new clients, so please feel free to get in touch to add your pup to the waitlist in anticipation of some great fun.

WINTER 2023: 

Weekly Tues- Fri: Telluride

Sierra stands in front of her large off-road adventure dog van which is blue with bright green mountains

Outdoor Adventure in
Every Season

We head out for fun and learning on the trail in every season, as long as there is not a health/safety hazard. Daily adventures are generally 4-5 hrs in length including drive time, and your pup enjoys door to door pick up and drop off from your home or hotel. They are pampered with personalized care suited to their unique needs and the highest quality of safety measures in the vehicle, on the trail, and everywhere between.

4 dogs pose in front of teal fezzari mountain bike. they are wet from swimming in the river

Sport Specific Outings

We hike as a pack daily in the adventure school, and we also teach trail skills and provide breed fulfillment through biking, mushing, swimming, bikejoring, SUP, rollerblading, and agility to mention a few! Your dog becomes fulfilled, learns valuable skills for daily life and applies them to outdoor sports as well. Crucial skills include emergency stops, leave it, neutrality, sit & down-stays, impeccable recall, and directionals.

a pack of dogs balances on stumps while focusing on their female handler. her back is turned to the camer and she makes eye contact with the husky

Rehabilitation through a Balanced Pack

A pack of dogs may sound like chaos; but in a structured and trust-based setting it's absolute magic. Many of the dogs in our balanced pack have been with us since puppyhood and now help teach both the new puppies and dogs that need some rehabilitation help. We work as a team, fascilitate a safe space for dogs to make mistakes and grow, follow consistent boundaries that dogs can relax into, and provide compassionate and fair leadership.


Woof! Request your Dog's Waitlist Spot

We are deeply grateful for your interest.

Additional Details

Life Lessons on the Trail

10 dogs sit on the snowy wooden steps of an old coal chute

All ages and breeds of dogs benefit from life-long learning and growth. Working on skills is so much more fun and challenging outdoors, so we do most of our work outside overcoming distracting stimuli to make sure your dog is as solid on commands as can be. Each day can include any/all canine good citizen behaviors as well as proper trail manners. Focus topics include all levels of socialization, off-leash recall, reducing anxiety and fear, "leave it" for ANYTHING, bike/ski/snowshoe/kayak/SUP/mushing/joring skills, balance, physical fitness, teamwork, proprioception, self-control, intuitive decision making, patience, delayed gratification, social structures, bravery and oh so much more. Yes! Your dog is so capable of all of this!

Our focus is always on risk management and positively building confidence, trust and consistency in a fun way.

Crucial Puppy Skills

13 dogs pose on and around stumps in a green pasture while looking at the camera

Did you just add a new family member to your life? Congrats! The first few months of a puppy's life are crucial to instilling great habits, creating exposure to a wide variety of animals, people and stimulus and lots of socialization. Having a consistent program both at home and during your puppy's schooling is key to success. Puppies love playing games that are loads of fun but are secretly a training session! Puppy sessions are shorter due to their shorter attention spans and physical fitness needs and focus is always on positive reinforcement and offering a desired behavior in place of an undesirable one. Adventure school is also an excellent foundation of basic training for future Service or Avalanche dogs. Time at school can work towards your dog's AKC CGC (or higher) titles. 

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