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AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

Nothing like a pack of happy, bright-eye
A young brown and black belgian turvuren shepherd practices a down stay in an AKC Puppy training class with a white dog doing place on a cot in the background

Earn your acclaimed AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy title with your pup in this super fun and educational 6 week course!


Once puppies have begun their vaccinations, it's time to catch up on all that canine socialization and introduce a whole new world of distractions. This will be a wildly wiggly weekly group puppy class series meeting regularly in Telluride for you and your puppy to attend together. Capped at 8 participants, it will be an intimate and focused series of GAMES covering key behaviors and experiences to help the rest of your life with your dog to be much easier and happier.  The great thing about puppies is we can work on all these skills together and introduce your puppy to all sorts of sights, smells and sounds in a fun, vibrant and extremely beneficial group puppy party!! I mean...class. Learning with your pup can and will be FUN! At the end of the series, you and your pup will complete an obstacle course and series of tests that will show off your confidence and trust in each other, and will result in your dog earning their AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy title when you pass. 


Certain milestones we will achieve include: Human and dog socialization, exposure to "weird stuff" and distractions, basic good citizen commands (sit-stays, down-stays, quiet, up/down, drop it, leave it/take it, wait-ok go, COME, focus), bite inhibition, place, 'touch', walking calmly on leash, off-leash recall and much more.


I have developed this class after many years of interaction with puppies to adult dogs in the scope of everything from total spoiled chaos running their human's every move to dedicated workaholic SAR and service dogs; shelter dogs; and dog-parents who wish they knew this all earlier. Curriculum developed with input from my superb positive reinforcement dog-training role model, Dr. Ian Dunbar.


These classes are for Telluride locals who want to invest in their lifetime of enjoyment with their dogs by giving their puppies what they need to succeed. Take them along on all your adventures and feel confident either bringing them along or leaving them at home, knowing that whatever your lifestyle entails, your dog will be a willing, friendly and happy member of your family and community. 


AKC Trick Dog Training

A white shepherd dog wearing red tinted frame rexspecs goggles gives his paw for a high five while on a rock in the superstition mountains. The dog is learning tricks for his AKC Trick Dog titles

Work towards your AKC Trick Dog titles with the guidance and inspiration from a certified evaluator of all levels of Trick Dog (including Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer and Elite Performer) We will get creative and have a blast building your bond, trust and skill level with your pup by using positive reinforcement techniques. Clicker training optional. 

*new*  AKC Fit Dog


Work towards your AKC Fit Dog titles with the guidance and inspiration from a certified evaluator of all levels of Fit Dog (including Bronze, Silver & Gold) We will get creative and have a blast building your bond, trust and skill level with your dog while working through the six components to the Fit Dog title:

  1. AKC FIT DOG Course (levels 1-3)

  2. Runs (community based)

  3. Walks and hikes (Independent or Group)

  4. Unique to You and Your Dog (e.g., swimming, Parkour)

  5. AKC title that is fitness related (e.g., FAST CAT, agility- mixed breed dogs can register under AKC Partners!)

  6. AKC Parent Club Performance Titles (e.g., pack dog, sledding)

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