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Pet Sitting for the Adventurous

Pet-sitting in your Home

Remembering sweet Christmas eve cuddles

I've been house and ranch-sitting since 2004, including hundreds of dogs and horses and many ranch and exotic species from parrot and iguana to world champion alpaca, camel and more.  My 11 years in 4-H as a youth contributed to my early responsibility, organization and reliability as well as my depth of knowledge about and experiences with veterinary care & animal behavior, especially horses. 


I will stay in your home with your dogs and any other animals. Stays range from one night to one month or longer. We will set up a meet and greet at no charge in advance so I can meet you and your animals, you can show me their routine, any details about your home I should know. Hikes and adventures for your dogs are included with any overnight stay!


I lived on acreages most of my life and am well acquainted to the maintenance required for farm and ranch properties, including handling emergencies, working with neighbors to problem solve, off-grid solar and wind and 4x4 or snowmobile access only. Some services, including plant watering, mail retrieval, garbage/recycling put out, etc are included while other larger tasks are at extra charge. Let me know your custom request! First Responder discount available.

Drop In Visits

The three autumn pup-kateers 🍁🍂🍃 #tel

I will come by your home to care for all your animals' needs and spend some time with them. Longer drop in style visits available on request. I will let them out, take them on a walk, feed, water, play... anything they need! You'll get a photo of your dogs enjoying their visit with me and an update about how it went.


I have experience with not only dogs but many exotic and farm species as well. I love all animals and have many years of medical and behavioral experiences and training with a variety of species and all shapes and sizes of dogs.

With over 4 yrs of dog handling on the Big Day for luxury weddings, custom wedding & elopement packages available including wedding day & photography handling.

Half Day Adventure

Gypsy & Kaden enjoy their leafy fall rom

Full Day Adventure


Not currently available.

I occassionally still offer shorter bike-joring, mushing or hiking sessions for dogs, inquire for availability.

Are you hitting the slopes for a day? Enjoying time in town with an activity where pup can't come along? Let your dog have a blast on an adventure with the pack!


I generally keep a spot or so open in our Adventure School for a visiting dog to join the pack for some mountain fun and learning. It's beneficial for "my kids" to have new dogs rotating through the dynamic as well!  This "full day" adventure will take them out for 4-6 hours of off-leash exercise (hiking, snowshoeing, fat biking...), scent smelling and socialization in some of the world's most beautiful natural areas in and around Telluride. A tired dog is a good dog and you'll have an even better time out knowing that your dog is having their own safe and fun world-class adventure.

If you live locally and are interested in enrolling your dog in Adventure School, let me know and we will get you on the list!

Equines, Exotics & MORE

1 month old African Spurred tortoise vs.
Goofin around with Elvis. Really loving
African Grey parrots are incredibly inte

Overnight K9 Camp


I've got you covered! I have a lifetime of experience with a variety of more exotic species and livestock. Some examples include:




-Rats, gerbils, hamster, rabbits


-Parrots including African Grey

-Tortoise and turtles, including African Spurred, Desert, and Box


-Show Alpaca & Llama, including cria

-Sheep, goats, pigs

-Show turkey, ducks, geese, chicken

-BLM burro, mules, BLM un-gentled mustangs

Unlike traditional dog boarding, your four-legged family members will have a memorable experience when staying overnight with us. Your dog will be treated like treasured family in our home in town with a rare fenced yard. We also may spend time at the "Casa Peidra campus" in the Uncompahgre, where we have nearly 40 acres of varied terrain and are currently building a trail network and agility ring. We acknowledge that all our land is original Ute territory. We have road tripped, van camped, backpacked and more with client dogs along for the fun. Dogs have a ton of fun camping and backpacking, but if they have never experienced this before, have no fear! We will show them how fun and relaxing it is, while teaching good manners including no chasing, barking at wildlife, settling in for the night, "leave it", recall, and much more! 

Hello, Friends.

I'm currently booked for 2022. 

Thank you SO much for all the support, you are all so appreciated.

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