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A pack of dogs are spread out on top of last dollar peak, looking out over the mountains and into telluride valley

Pet Sitting & Overnight Boarding 

For the Adventurous

Overnight k9 Camp Structure

Our adventure school regulars get overnight care priority, but we welcome visiting and seasonal pups as well for their own vacation of a lifetime! My calendar will open one month in advance for any available overnight and drop-in spots not filled by our pack members. You, the human, will always be met with professionalism and the level of privacy that fits your needs. For your dogs, risk management and safety are our highest priority while they enjoy structured time and a ton of outdoor fun!

WINTER 2023-2024: Please email to get on an early bird email list to let you know when the books open each month. 

9 dogs sit around their female handler who is also sitting on the ground and smiling at the camera. the dogs are focused on the dog trainer. they are all wearing matching orange bandanas

Overnight Camp Basic & Freedom Package

Overnight camp always includes local pickup and drop off, and may include time in the town of Telluride as well as our stunning Uncompahgre Plateau off-grid acreage, an adventure dog paradise. All camp dogs enjoy the daily adventure school hikes with our balanced pack and the right fit of evening and weekend biking, camping, relaxing time, structured training, swimming or other options. Everything you desire to send with your dog for the health and comfort will be provided to your specifications including medications, supplements, bedding, e-collars for off-leash hiking, etc. Puppies will sleep in crates in our home as well as any dog who requests it; otherwise your dog will pack sleep in our bedroom with us.

Freedom Package

Includes all of the above with the additional benefit of your dog learning to wear and happily respond to a Pet Educator System e-collar to allow for safe and reliable hiking and dog sports. We train to the vibration as a positive recall reminder and/or as an interrupter. Stims are for true emergencies and rarely used. This requires a minimum of 14 night stay, minimum dog age of 10 months, and additional terms to be discussed prior to booking. This package includes lifetime support for the dog on the topic of their e-collar.

7 dogs are balancing on a boulder and 3 more dgs sit at the base of the boulder

All Inclusive Overnight Camp

Your dog will enjoy the following benefits in addition to everything included in their basic overnight camp package detailed to the left: 

-Bath with all natural products in our outdoor grooming station before returning home

-Daily brushing as needed

-A nail trim or Dremel as needed

-A daily stuffed kong, safe chew or bully stick in a BowWow Buddy safety holder 

-Meals or snack in a puzzle bowl

-Nightly Musher's Wax paw massage

-Sleeping on one of our freshly washed dog beds

-Special goodies to take home to remember their stay

-Special request? Just ask.

A white dog and female with long hair are touching noses and making loving eye contact conveying trust and connection

Premium Retainer Package

When you have a lot on your plate, finding the right trusted professional to assist your dog in living their best life is crucial. Look no further for your dog's personal concierge to all their training, health, fun and travel needs. Only one family may book this option at a time to ensure our time and energy are devoted to your dogs. High profile and high quality references available.


Depending on availability, you may book by the week or month. 

Allow us to deal with:

-providing transportation to and from vet, rehab or grooming appointments, or longer transport to your home or vacation between states. 

-sizing, ordering and/or picking up gear, food, tags, medications.

-Swing by and take your dog out for an hour, day or overnights at your request when your schedule changes unexpectedly.

-daily adventures and care for your dog as requested

-Custom event, wedding, film handling requests are popular, or send your dog on their own vacation if they don't need to attend.

Kindly inquire for rate & availability


Request your dog's dream Vacation:

We are deeply grateful for your interest.

Equines, Exotics & MORE

1 month old African Spurred tortoise vs.
Goofin around with Elvis. Really loving
African Grey parrots are incredibly inte

I've got you covered! I have a lifetime of experience with a variety of more exotic species and livestock. Some examples include:




-Rats, gerbils, hamster, rabbits


-Parrots including African Grey

-Tortoise and turtles, including African Spurred, Desert, and Box


-Show Alpaca & Llama, including cria

-Sheep, goats, pigs

-Show turkey, ducks, geese, chicken

-BLM burro, mules, BLM un-gentled mustangs

Overnight K9 Camp


Unlike traditional dog boarding, your four-legged family members will have a memorable experience when staying overnight with us. Your dog will be treated like treasured family in our home in town with a rare fenced yard. We also may spend time at the "Casa Peidra campus" in the Uncompahgre, where we have nearly 40 acres of varied terrain and are currently building a trail network and agility ring. We acknowledge that all our land is original Ute territory. We have road tripped, van camped, backpacked and more with client dogs along for the fun. Dogs have a ton of fun camping and backpacking, but if they have never experienced this before, have no fear! We will show them how fun and relaxing it is, while teaching good manners including neutrality, no chasing or barking at wildlife, staying on the trail,  settling in for the night, "leave it", recall, and so much more.

Pet-sitting in your Home

Remembering sweet Christmas eve cuddles

Not currently available

Drop In Visits

The three autumn pup-kateers 🍁🍂🍃 #tel

I will come by your home to care for all your animals' needs and spend some time with them. Longer drop in style visits available on request. I will let them out, take them on a walk, feed, water, play... anything they need! You'll get a photo of your dogs enjoying their visit with me and an update about how it went.


I have experience with not only dogs but many exotic and farm species as well. I love all animals and have many years of medical and behavioral experiences and training with a variety of species and all shapes and sizes of dogs.

With over 4 yrs of dog handling on the Big Day for luxury weddings, custom wedding & elopement packages available including wedding day & photography handling.

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